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Also, welcome back to the family Raptor. We missed you :(

Don't leave us again!

EDIT: Never spell his name wrong again or I will find you.

08 Apr 2014 - Galactikitties Is Out

Galactikitties launches today!  Buy it on the iOS App Store on Google Play:



It's only a buck, please support me and my game studio wheeeee!

12 Mar 2014 - Streamer Box

You see that box on the right of your website, above the User box?  The one that says "Streamers"?

That will show you which of our streamers are currently online and/or streaming.  Just click their name to be taken to their twitch page!


Thanks to Al Capwn for creating the code.
To all our ArmA regulars and community members thanks for playing on the ArmA server over the past week.  We've been able to collect some interesting data and have been watching reactions closely.

Last 24H  (From 9AM 3/9/2014 EST to 9AM 3/10/2014

Last Week (From Today, 3/10/2014)

Last Month (Last 30 days)

The last week and month graphs are the most telling on the outcome the password has had on server activity.

While we no longer have as many people in the server, it's pretty safe to say that the password didn't result in an empty server.  Indeed, the server has rarely been empty over the past week.

I've noticed sessions going well past the 3 hour mark being common place.

The happiest thing I can report is that you all have seemed to enjoy the game being hacker free.  Which is great!  We enjoy not having to hand hold the server.

We're going to extend the "experiment" for a week and see how it holds up over an extended period of time.  It would help if our ArmA players joined the mumble server.

And for those just tuning in... the password to the arma server is: awpwarfare

01 Mar 2014 - AWP Warfare Passworded

For the time being we will be experimenting with passwording our Warfare server.

The password is (all lowercase):


We're going to be trialing this to see if it cuts down on the hackers.  We imagine it will, but we also don't want the server to be empty all the time.  If this reaches a good medium we might stick with it, if not the password will be off the server shortly.
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