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Just a quick message from us to you, hoping that you all have a hell of a holiday and new year!

We just wanted to thank everyone for sticking with AwpaholicA through the good and the bad, the thick and the thin and towards the upcoming 10 years!? Damn. That is a long time!

Everyone have a great reprieve from the real world, kick back, enjoy your family, drinks and a little time off.

Have a great one guys!

- Nigel *[AWP] Kamikaze


Every AWP Member, every AWP Leader and every AWP Manager knows that the Awpaholican Lorde and Founder Ghost++; was given human birth by a beautiful woman and was raised and grew up within the glories of the Counter Strike tradition. With great wisdom, the holy Ghost++; founded his kinship of the great clan known as Awpaholica. He hath decreed that upon the need or the call, we - the disciples of the great Ghostly Lorde, may promote (yae even demote) members of the kinship to lead and maintain the Church (clan) Awpaholica in his wake.

THE USER KNOWN AS WUZSEEN shall from this day forward be a LEADER.
THE USER KNOWN AS RAJAZEN shall from this day forward be a MANAGER.

YAE - but the reverend has spoken more wisdom upon thee, and I have more to announce!

FOR - In efforts of spreading our holy ways from the lorde, Ghost++; it hath been decreed that on our forumshed of our great Church we shall include a segment for those who have procured the ability to streamline (streamers) our message to the masses. We shall create a blog and other services to support our holy messengers - we will announce those great additions as they come.


WE, the disciples of the great Ghost++; have introduced a new vessel (server) of Awpaholica Ways into our ranks. Holiest thou, who seeketh our server, can find it at the following....


YAE for that is all that the great divinity has granted upon us today... I ceed the floor to my fellow Awpaholicans for their witty contented comments of pleasure at this great news.

tl;dr New leaders, new managers, will make a section and support for our resident streamers, and we have a Starbound server.
I will NOT wish Mott Bozooskis a happy birthday.

There will not be revels.

Who the fuck are those people?  No one important.  But they're having the fun Raptor isn't probably having.

What the fuck is going on here?

I suggest we just chill the fuck out and wish Raptor a happy birthday.

Matt, may your day be full of booty sweat.

11 Nov 2013 - TALK WITH US! IN MUMBLE!

For the longest time, over 6 years, we could be found in Ventrilo. It was the prime voice chat service for a lengthy period of time.

However as times changed, Ventrilo did not. It refused to update and add new features, expand their quality standards or even lower their prices (because they were and are still the most expensive voice chat provider to this day).

We went to skype for a few months, but with the inability to separate into different game channels, as well as not allowing new people to find us and alert us about hackers or join us in games. We had to find another.

What did we find? Mumble!

Mumble is both one of the cheapest VOIP providers as well as one of the highest quality providers!

We are still in the transition faze, but join us in our new Mumble server thanks to AwpaholicA's own Jake "Clevinger"! We all owe him a big thank you, so when  you get the opportunity please let him know your appreciation.

With that being said, here is our new server info!

Download mumble here: http://mumble.sourceforge.net/

Server: AwpaholicA.typefrag.com
port: 6180
password: awp

02 Oct 2013 - Mother of God

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